Thursday, November 20, 2008

We love you, Jacob

Recently, I found out that our little buddy Jacob is having a hard time with life. He is having seizures about once every five minutes, which is an improvement. He was having them once every minute. These are not only painful to watch him go through, but we know that they are also painful and miserable for Jacob-causing him physical and emotional pain. My heart breaks knowing that such an innocent child has to go through such intense confusion and pain.

When talking to his Mom, I realized that in reality I was helpless. I realized that the only thing that would help was prayer. I also knew that my prayers weren't enough. God always listens, but where two or more come together in His name, there is power.

It is my prayer that somehow this online prayer journal could be of some hope, some encouragement, and some light into the Homan family's life.

We love you, Jacob.


Loryn said...

We Love you Jacob.

Emily said...

Precious Father,

We thank you for Jacob and the joy he brings everyone in his life. Please place your hand over him during this time of hardship in his life. We are faithful that You will protect this special little boy.