Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jacob....World Traveler!

Jacob has been on many trips this summer and we have been so busy going from place to place and recovering from the trips that there has been no time to post photos.  But here they are!  He had a blast, was a great traveler and did everything we did as a family.

A catnap in the sand....yuck!
Snorkeling in the beautiful Pacific Ocean

Going down the slide at the Grand Wailea!

After Maui we spent a few days in Kerrville, Tx, a few days at North Padre Island and then Jacob got to go to CampCamp for his first every week away at camp.  He had a blast!  He spent all of July hanging out at home and then got to go to Vail, Colorado with the family.  He really enjoyed the cooler weather.  Hiking, whitewater rafting, you name it, we did it!
At a Gold Mine in Breckenridge
Beavercreek Family Night with Dad
Beavercreek Family night with Mommy

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

The Homan's had a fabulous Christmas and New Year break from school and work! Two weeks off for the boys from school and Trey and I took about a week off to do some projects around the house. Jacob's room has been changed from little boy to big boy adding in his signature color "orange" in his striped wall. Jacob got a new flat screen tv so he is always able to watch his favorite Elmo and his brothers can watch other things. Jacob also go a really cool new swing that hangs from his ceiling. It is nice and cozy in the swing which is positioned to be able to see his new tv!

Jacob's seizures have started up again. We will be going to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston for an extended video monitored EEG. I will keep you posted as to when this will be. Keep Jacob in your prayers that the seizures do not worsen so much that injuries occur.

Jacob and his brothers have a new nanny, Sarah. She is doing a fabulous job so far and we are about ready to give her a big challenge by leaving her in charge for 5 days while we go to Nashville to speak at the National Convention of PPA. I am sure she will do a great job!
Jacob's New Room!
Jacob's New Swing
Jacob and his brothers...exhausted on New Years Day!
Jacob on Christmas Day with his new hat and chewies!