Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update 2-25-09

I just received this from Elizabeth.

Jacob recovered well from his VNS implant. The surgeon said he would see us back in 7 years (when the battery runs out). We are now in the process of having the device "turned up" about every two weeks by the neurologist. It is pretty amazing, we go in for about 10 minutes and with a device that looks like an iphone, the doctor punches in some numbers and that is it.
If it is possible, Jacob has gotten even happier since the VNS was implanted. He is always happy and smiling and is such a joy to be around. So far we have not seen any change in his seizure activity but we were warned that we may not see much change for 3-6 months.
Please keep Jacob in your prayers over the next few months as the doctor works with the "dosage".
Thanks to Everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you all for your prayers. I know Elizabeth and Trey appreciate it, and I know Jacob needs them.

Lord, I pray that You would make this transition smooth for Jacob and grant him peace and happiness.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still Praying!


I thought of you all day... We are still praying for you:)

Lots of love,

Jacob's Surgery

Jacob got through his surgery with flying colors! Thanks for all of your prayers. We were a little unsure when they gave him the "margarita" meds and he started standing on the bed. I guess it did not have the effect they were looking for, but once they got him sedated, it all went well. One hour later, we hung out with him in the recovery room (that is only iodine on his skin) until he woke up. About a half an hour later he woke up and drank some juice and we got the ok to take him home. He has been asleep the whole day except to have a little chicken noodle soup and pudding. He will be having the device turned on on Wednesday morning.
The incisions are small and should heal quickly. Now we wait to see if the VNS works for Jacob. So don't stop the prayers, for we still need them everyday.
Thank you!
Elizabeth and Trey