Monday, November 24, 2008

Update from Jacob's Mom

We spent Friday evening in the ER under the direction of our neurologist. He wanted to give him an iv of Dilantin. The seizures should have stopped immediately, but since nothing about Jacob is "typical", it took over 2 hours for them to stop. So we went home, with the understanding that if he had any more, we would head back into the ER. That morning, he had 4 in a row (about 2 min apart) so we call the neurologist, because we would like to treat him at home, if possible, he is so much more comfortable at home. So, all weekend we have adjusted his meds and he has slept now for over 24 hours, with brief spurts of awakeness, to eat and stretch. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand why he just can't get up and walk around, so he does and he is like a person who has had a few too many drinks. Needless to say, we have to constantly monitor him so he doesn't harm himself.
Thankfully, he is in a good mood and is eating well, as long as I puree his food.
Hopefully, all of this will level out and the seizures will stop ( we are still experiencing "clusters" of hour with nothing and then 3 or 4 in a row)
I will keep you posted and thank you for your continued prayers!
Elizabeth and Trey

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