Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayer Request

I got this email from Elizabeth - Jacob's Mom.
This is an update

Please add Jacob to your prayer list again, if you ever took him off.
He is having seizures about every 5 min. or so. Last week they were happening every 1-2 min and we, under the direction of our neurologist, are adjusting his meds to try to stop them. We have 3 options to try at this point. We are on option #2 and have not seen much success yet.
Jacob's seizures are called "drop" seizures. Which means at anytime he just drops down, whether standing or sitting. It often looks as if someone punched him in the stomach and he falls to the ground. Unfortunately we have no warning that this will happen, so we have no way to protect him. Consequently, he has banged his face up pretty good, with 2 black eyes, a chipped tooth, and various scrapes, cuts and bruises over his face. We have a helmet to protect his head but it doesn't protect his face.
I will keep you all posted about how it is going.
I ask that you pray that the last option will work (since 1 or 2 haven't worked) because after this our choices are more serious.
I also ask that you pray that his little angels are around him to keep him safe from all of his falls.
Elizabeth and Trey

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