Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jacob update 11-10-09

Sorry for neglecting my little Jacob blog. Jacob is doing much much better. We finally got the seizures under control after adding a new seizure med, Banzal. He has responded fabulously to it and the seizures are mostly gone! Praise God!
We are so thankful that Jacob has finally been approved for the Medicaid Waiver Program and has started receiving services and supplies!!!! After being on a waiting list for 6 years we have finally been approved!!
We went yesterday to get Jacob fitted for a new feeding chair, the Special Tomato. I am so excited about this chair. Check it out on www.adaptivemall.com. It is awesome and will be such a help during mealtimes.
We also were fitted for a potty chair. Yes, that is the technical term. He is doing great in his at school and now we will be able to continue striving towards potty training at home.
Also great news is that we are able to get Jacob the new Sleep Safer Bed. It will be so good for him to be in this bed to keep him safe from harm.
Therapies will hopefully begin soon and we are now receiving diapers and wipes at no charge! Imagine we have spent 9 years in diapers...I wonder how much that would add up to be? 4-5 diapers a day for 9 years....hmmm...EXPENSIVE! We feel very blessed that we are now able to have some assistance.
Thanks for all of you prayer warriors out there...you are awesome!!
Bye for now,

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Loryn said...

Hi.. I feel bad that I have neglected it, too. Let's be better at that. How can we help each other?

I have an idea for Jacob.. kind of. .. I don't know you probably have already done it.

What if we had a Portraits for Jacob day.. you could have families come in that knew about Jacob and his therapy..all session fees donated to his therapy? Actually, I don't even know if he still goes to therapy..I mean you would essentially be working for yourself.. but just a thought. I am doing something like that for a mission trip for a friend, and am overwhelmed by the response from people. It made me think of you.
Love you. Had a good time laughing with you the other night. If we don't put that posing video out there, I'm never speaking to you again. ;)... did you see how people wanted to SEE the poses? I am telling you!