Sunday, May 31, 2009

Over his sickness

Poor Jacob has been super sick for the past 10 days. His fever spiked up to 104 and just wouldn't go away. Went to the doctor and he found nothing. That was Friday May 22. Couldn't stop the fever and now he added the big D, a rash on his face and lots of congestion, etc. to the mix. Went back to the doctor on Tuesday and found out he had STREP. Not strep throat, no Jacob can not do anything normal. The strep was on his face and in his sinuses! Then Mommy, Jackson and Joshua were tested positive for Strep. Only Daddy and Boo the cat escaped the misery. Luckily we caught it soon for the other 2 boys and they didn't suffer too much.

Jacob is still a little "snotty" and of course, the fever has increased his seizures.

Keep him in your prayers that the seizures decrease and that he kicks this sickness 100%!


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