Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please Pray for Jacob

This is an email from Jacob's Mom to me. Everyone, please continue to pray.

We visited the pediatric surgeon today and all agreed that having the VNS implant is the best option for Jacob right now. He had been seizure free for multiple weeks but they have started again. We have also discovered that his sudden outbursts of laughter for no apparent reason may also be seizures. As crazy as that sounds, there is such a thing as "laughing epilepsy" and it looks as though Jacob now also has that rare type of seizure. The little guy couldn't get any more unique!
We set up the outpatient surgery for Monday Feb 2 at 10am. It is less than two weeks away! We were surprised to get in so quickly but are happy that we are having it done before his seizures worsen any more.
The neurologist is hoping that after a few months on the VNS Therapy, he will be able to wean him off of some of his meds. We are all praying for the VNS to be an answer to seizure control.
Please say some prayers for little Jacob on Monday, Feb 2 as he will never understand what is going on and may be a little scared. He will recover for a few days at home and then he should be good as new. I will keep everyone updated through the blog.

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Cilla Stultz said...

You all are in my prayers! You are such an amazing family of such strength! We feel truly blessed to know Jacob's parents. I have to tell you that the children I have seen with VNS have done really well with them. It almost seems magical that a 'swipe' with a magnet can help like it does. You remain in our thoughts and prayers-and know that if there is anything else we can do we are here!!!